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Who runs the

The is a product built and maintained by Global Tax Rates Ltd, a technology company aiming to build a variety of reliable and essential tax related data interfaces (APIs) and make them affordable for both large Ecommerce businesses & tax professionals. Global Tax Rates Ltd is an Irish company. Please contact us if you would like to find out more

What is is a simple REST-based JSON API offering guaranteed up to date global VAT, GST & tax rates for 180 countries. Its system is secured by HTTPS and focused on ease of use & integration, delivering all rates data in lightweight and highly portable JSON format.

The service is for tax professionals, eCommerce merchants selling goods & services around the world.

Where does the tax content come from?

At we provide a guaranteed accuracy on our tax content. In order to achieve this for all 180 countries we have a number of internal processes built on top of our AI tax rate monitoring tool. By using a combination of human and AI monitoring we are the only service offering a guaranteed up to date global tax rates.  The tax rate AI monitoring relies on multiple servers and a distinct "fallback & validation" mechanism, consisting of a fairly large number of different data sources (instances), which include the tax authorities databases.

What countries do monitor the tax,VAT & GST rates for?
AngolaGhanaNorth Korea
Antigua and BarbudaGreeceNorway
AustraliaGuineaPapua New Guinea
BelarusIndiaPuerto Rico
BelgiumIndonesiaRepublic of the Congo
BeninIrelandRussian Federation
BhutanIsle of ManRwanda
Bosnia and HerzegovinaJapanSerbia
BrazilJordanSierra Leone
Burkina FasoKazakhstanSlovakia
CambodiaKiribatiSolomon Islands
Cape VerdeKyrgyzstanSouth Africa
Central African RepublicLaosSouth Korea
ChadLatviaSouth Sudan
ChinaLesothoSri Lanka
ColumbiaLiberiaSt Lucia
Cook IslandsLithuaniaSuriname
Costa RicaLuxembourgSwaziland
Cote d'IvoireMacedoniaSweden
Czech RepublicMaliTanzania
Democratic Republic of the CongoMaltaThailand
DominicaMexicoTrinidad and Tobago
Dominican RepublicMicronesiaTunisia
El SalvadorMongoliaUganda
Equatorial GuineaMontenegroUkraine
EritreaMoroccoUnited Kingdom
GabonNew ZealandYemen
What is an API request?

An API request is a call to the API for a tax rate. pricing is based on flat monthly fee for the number of tax rates you need to use. There is an unlimited number of monthly API Requests offered for each individual Subscription Plan. This is subject to the terms & conditions under fair use policy

What call can I make to the API?

There are three different parameters that can be attached to the API's rate endpoint in order to define the country to obtain rates for. First of all, you can specify a standard 2-letter country_code (e.g. GB). Alternatively, you may provide a custom ip_address and have our API locate the corresponding country. The third option for defining the country is appending the API's use_client_ip parameter and setting it to 1, which will cause our system to locate the client't IP address directly.

Please note that you must choose only one of the above parameters in order for your query to work.

See the API's Documentation for details.

What is the difference between Free and Paid?

API - Ratestream

The “Free API trail” is set out to be a "trial version" with a 30 day time limit, offering a volume of 100 monthly API requests with unlimited set of functionalities.


With a free account for Ratewatch you will receive an free SMS, automatic phone call & email nofication for the latest tax rates in your selected country

Excel Add In
1. Sign up for the Excel Add In on website, select the VAT, GST & tax rates you want, 
2. Go to the Microsoft Office Add In store here 
3. Download and install the Excel Add In
4. Login using your credentials.

You are ready to "Get rates".

Next time you open you Excel spreadsheet simply click refresh and it will automatically update the VAT, GST & tax rates you want to monitor

In case your Excel shows up security warning and is not displaying the Add In please follow this Microsoft webpage on how to enable Add Ins on your computer.

Tax Content

What are "standard" and "reduced" rates?

A country's standard rate is the VAT rate applying to the vast majority of circulating products (e.g. a VAT of 20% in the UK). However, each country defines certain types of goods falling into reduced VAT categories (e.g: In the United Kingdom, there is no VAT for medical products, and a VAT percentage of 5% for "property renovations").


Which payment methods are supported?

Payments can be made via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner's Club) via Stripe.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes. But you will be asked to pay for 12 months, the total price of your Subscription Plan will be 10% lower than the total amount you would pay by monthly subscription.

Cancel my account?

You must contact us to cancel your account:

Contact the customer support on


How does it work?

It’s simple when there is a VAT,TAX or GST rate change for your selected countries we alert you via, SMS, automatic phone call & email with a calendar reminder of the date of the change. 

When do I receive the notifications?
You will receive a notification within 12 hours of when we have been informed of the change from a tax authority.  
What type of tax, VAT & GST rates are monitored?

Standard, reduced, super reduced, in countries like Canada & India we also monitor provincial tax rates

White label solution offer a white label solution for tax professionals that would like to offer this automated service to their clients. The service is fully white labeled and can be set up in avery short time. Please contact us for further details - 


How quick is an API call?

All tax rates are delivered and performed in real-time. The API's average response time is around 0.20 seconds.

Is the API service secure?

Yes. Since we understand that your API requests contain may sensitive data, we offer paid customers the possibility to access the API and all data provided by and processed through it via industry-standard 256-bit HTTPS encryption.

See the API's Documentation for details.

How do I get an API Access Key?

Every registered user is assigned a personal Access Key, a unique "password" that can be used to access and query the API. If you are logged in, you can find it in your Account Dashboard  and in all interactive links contained in the API's Documentation.

In order to make an API Request, you are required to be authorized using your Access Key. Please follow API's Documentation for detailed explanation about how to do it. You can also send your API access information and documentation link to your developer using a button in your Account Dashboard.

Can I also request tax, VAT & GST rates for all countries at once?

Yes. Using the API's rate_list endpoint, you may request an entire set of rates in a single API call. Please note that requesting this endpoint results in a significantly larger response size, which may have a negative impact on your application's performance.

See the API's Documentation for details.

What is the difference between Free and Paid Subscriptions?

The “Free API trail” is set out to be a "trial version" with a 30 day time limit, offering a volume of 100 monthly API requests with unlimited set of functionalities.

Paid Subscription Plans feature unlimited API Request volumes, ensure secure datastreams via 256-bit HTTPS Encryption, include unlimited and prioritised technical support.